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When you have a company in a world as competitive as today, the question that arises to us is, do we need a corporate app?.. What are the Benefits of having an App for business in 2021?

We have gone from thinking about whether it is necessary to have a company's own email, to needing a corporate website. Traditional methods no longer work, today everything happens on the computer screen. Better said, by the mobile screen since they have become the main point of access to the Internet, surpassing computers.

So, do we really need a corporate app? To make this decision, we must first know what is an App?

An App is a program that is installed on the Smartphone or tablet and becomes part of the device. A privileged place, since the client will be able to access it immediately through the icon that will be the logo of the company.

When are the apps used?

Always, what do we do when we are bored, travelling, communicating, looking for information, checking the agenda, email ...? We look at the mobile and our Apps.

The Apps are designed to be used with mobile devices, which allows navigating in an easier, more intuitive and useful way. All content is organized and designed for a mobile device, making it much more accessible and manageable than the website itself.


Benefits of Having an App

1. Strengthening the brand

The App will provide a different experience to customers: more comfortable, easier, more useful and closer to the brand. Which will make you different from your rival(s).

2. Greater visibility

The presence of our app in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store will generate an increase in organic searches, improving our SEO positioning.

3. Customer loyalty

An App generates engagement since we can obtain basic data of those customers who follow us: age, gender, geographical location ... It gives companies the possibility of participating with their customers in real-time, according to location, time and their tastes, providing the opportunity to create a profile and respond under it.

The more we know our customers, the more actions we can generate to retain them. We will be able to know what products or services they prefer from those we offer and thus adapt to the consumer's taste, which after all is the most important factor in a business. 

4. Always present

Probably one of the most important benefits of having an App is having ourselves on the Smartphone, we are generating a permanent memory of our company.

5. Offline availability

Not everyone has access to the Internet throughout the day. A mobile app will allow your users to browse the catalogue of your products, news and promotions at any time they want, whether or not they have an Internet connection.

6. Differentiation

Not all our rivals have an Application, that will make you different and make you stand out above them. Offering an innovative, refreshed and improved image.

7. Usability

The client will have the option of coming to your "business" whenever they want. Perhaps your physical business closes at 7 in the afternoon, but thanks to your App the client will be able to access your services and/or products when it is easier or time allows.

8. Customer service

An App expands the commercial scope of your brand, products and services, synergizing with other existing channels, sharing centralized information stored on servers, providing the user with an experience adapted to it.

Still, confused? Read all the benefits of having an App again, you will definitely get your reason to have an app for your business in 2021. Or on the other hand, if you have got a valid reason for having an application for your business then you can contact us for support, as we have a great experience in the same field.