what is seo and how it works

what is seo and how it works

what is seo and how it works : If we say that there is no importance of SEO, then we will be wrong SEO is of utmost importance. Everyone builds a website so that it can be edited in its earnings. That’s why we create the website but what happens is that we do not have a website But if we can not make money from him, then next year the site or blog closes if we SEO Optimize that website or blog, then we can make it happen in our business. First of all, do we understand that SEO is.


SEO : SEO means to optimize your blog search result. But what happens is that we are increasingly increasing our visitor to our site, what happens to our website that the search engine penalty is inserted SEO. If we do the right way, our business or money will be up to a certain level It may also be seen that many people with SEO have improved their business more than 100 times.


what is seo and how it works

what is seo and how it works


Importance of SEO

We see that when we do some searches on a general scale, we rarely visit the second or third page. This is the reason why everyone likes to make their website SEO friendly. It has also been seen that if you come to third place with your keyword, then your business can improve by 20% if you have a number i If you come to second place, then your business grows up to 30% if you come to the first place, your business can increase up to 40%.


Two ways of SEO :-


what is seo and how it works

what is seo and how it works

1. On Page SEO : On Page SEO means that we make the content of our web page and Meta tags according to the search engine. This is the main part of the meta tags, image tags, cutouts friendly, linking. We can also say that on On Page SEO, we make our web page or blog friendly to search engines so that search engines can easily understand our content.

2. Off Page SEO: In this search engine optimization, we do not change anything on our website or web page, but some Off Page Activites such as Directory Submission, Link Building, Social Media etc. will be used.In order to make google’s view, your website’s ranking and reputations get better, which can also get your keyword ranking and your website gets the benefit.

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