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Hello friends. Welcome to our DIY(Do It Yourself) hub Today I am going to make many interesting Ice cream stick craft with the help of Ice cream stick, So let’s start.

1.Animals :

In this we make many types of animal faces or those face you love more you can make on ice cream stick. Now I take one ice-cream stick and paint it with yellow color because I am going to make a tiger. Because tiger skin has some black spots so that I also put some black color on it. Now I make a tiger face on the paper. And join it on the top of the stick. Now tiger is ready. Now you can make many animals see below images.Awarepedia Art

2.Ear rings stand :

In second we make earrings stand. Mostly we lost our one earring and our pair is now useless so it’s a very important and useful craft with the help of ice-cream sticks. Take 2 sticks and put them vertical and then put 5 horizontal sticks with the help of glue and paint them with your favorite color then give them a back support with the help of 2 sticks and then make a stand support like image given now your stand is ready.Awarepedia Art

3.Wall hanging :

The third one is wall hanging. Now we make wall hanging with the help of ice-cream sticks. For this we make stars with the help of sticks. You can make starts with the help of my below pic, then paint the stars with your favorite colors, decorate them with stones or glitters, now you need a rope to plug in the stars now your wall hanging is ready.Awarepedia Art

4.Pan stand and key stand :

In fourth we make pan stand and key stand. For this firstly you color sticks with your favorite color and then make a box with the help of glue and now take a ribbon and put it on the top of the box for decoration purpose it’s not mandatory and decorate it with the beautiful flowers, stones and glitters. Now your pan stand and key stand is ready, See given image.Awarepedia Art

5.Message sheet :

At last we make a message sheet with the help of ice cream sticks. For the message sheet we require some colors, decorating stuff like glitters, stones etc. now set them according to my image and paint them with your favorite color and decorate it as you want. For help see given image.Awarepedia Art

These are 5 Ideas you can use to make your own Ice cream stick craft easily. Thanks for your valuable time please comment your ideas and suggestions.