New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals : Friends, First of all, all of you are happy for the new year, happy new year, 2017 is to end and we are all going to enter new year 2018.

Time runs continuously, it does not stop for anyone. I know that all of you have created all the plans – New Year Resolution, to improve something new in the coming year and to improve itself.

In the new year, people want good health, more earning, happiness, success and peace. They want to establish good relations with their colleagues and want to give happiness to everyone.

As we come to the new year, all of us think of positiveity in our lives. But sometimes we forget to try. Time does not bring any revolution in our life anytime, but our desire brings revolution in our lives.

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals

Here are some tips to develop yourself below. We just need to adopt some good habits.

New Year Resolution for good health –
अच्छी सेहत के लिये

1. Regular everyday exercise (Yoga) must be done.

2.  Meditate for some time everyday Meditation for 15 to 30 minutes twice a day can give you miraculous results.

3.  Eat natural grains. Prefer vegetables to eat and ignore fast if possible.

4.  Your diet should be balanced, your diet should have adequate amounts of protein, fats, minerals and vitamins.

5.  Try to drink more water every day. Because the water quality changes from time to time, if possible, try to drink the same quality water.

6. Refuse to eat acidic grains.

7.  Do not drink drugs, tobacco, alcohol, cocaine etc.

8.  Sleep adequate time. Do not sleep too much or too much.

9.  Always laugh at your face and be happy. The more laugh as much as possible Someone has said very well that “laughter is the best medicine”.

10. Always keep your thoughts positive. Do not get angry and do not think too much.

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution for success 

  •  Fix the goal and write it on a paper. And read that paper everyday.
  •  Make plans that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Try to maximize the will to achieve your goal.
  •  Always focus on your goal.
  • Your catcher must be constantly and diligently. You should try to get your goal everyday.
  • Try to adopt a positive attitude to achieve the goal.
  • Always keep thinking about achieving your goals and creating a picture of it in the inner mind.
  • Keep doing this for at least 15 minutes twice a day.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and rely on yourself.
  • Never leave your chosen route.
  • Never give up and always try and never give up Because, “scared never win, and the winners never fear.”

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution for happiness
• Always adopt a positive attitude for yourself and others.

  • Try to give your 100% under any circumstances.
  • Make a list of your blessings. And keep that list always with your heart, mind and body, because in the same list, your colleagues, relatives and loved ones will be hidden. Every day, keep reading the information and thanking those people.
  • Keep a record of happiness in your life and keep remembering them everyday, especially when you are depressed. Never forget about happiness!

• Make a list of all that is good in your life. Extract a lot of copies of that list and keep them at different places so that you can read it many times in the day.

• Always smiling No matter how difficult the situation is, always smiling and trusting yourself.


New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution and goals

New Year Resolution for peace of mind 

  • Try to leave anger, ego, anxiety, jealousy, greed forever.
  • Learn to forgive Learn to forgive mistakes made by others. And forgive yourself by learning from mistakes made by yourself. Whatever mistake your friend has done, you should give both to the enemy and forgive you. And continue to repeat the same habit

. • Convert your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Always be thankful to everyone. Always give thanks to those people who help you in difficult situations.

  • Always keep a thank you diary for yourself. And write everything that gives you happiness. Those who thank you for their help and their names and help in writing in their diary also.
  • • Try to increase the habit of helping others. Help with the heart of those you need. The more you help the people, the better it will be for you.
  • Try to bake Try whatever you have or whatever you can find. Talk to your pays, talk to colleagues, talk about your time and also arrange your resources. Find the opportunity to help others.
  • New Year Resolution and goals

    • Respect others. Always show humble temperament to others and talk with respect.

  • • Be honest in all your works and behaviors. Because a dishonest person can never live peacefully Someone is right, “Honesty is the best system.
  • “Do not lose your humble nature even in adverse situations. Try to leave anger forever.
  • Positive thinking. Try to find positive words for yourself in the opposite circumstances also. Never let go of good habits in the greed of bad habits. You should always be kind, loving, true, caring, humble.

In this way, you can make your life happy by bringing these changes in your new year.

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