Interview Questions | HR Interview Questions

Interview Questions | HR Interview Questions

Hello Friends Today I am going to tell you the answer of very complicated Interview Questions of tell me about yourself. So let’s go friends.

I am Riya Joshi. I am from allahabad and now i am staying in my grandmother place. I have recently done M.ed. I am quite good in business studies, psychology , If i talk about my family i have 2 siblings one brother and i am . My father is a doctor and he is now posted in mumbai. I am fond of dancing , reading novels , listening to music . That,s all about me Sir/Ma,am .

The second question is Why should we hire you ? So ready to start read the answer of this question.

I am curious to start my career as early as possible and i find everything best about this organization . So my instinct is also very much willing to start my job with particular this organization and specially with any organization is offering me any job for the various first time . I don’t want to give it a mix.

My orientation is specially towards the success. I am here not only to make money . I have to her to beyond the salary.

The Third  question is What is your strength ? So ready to start read the answer of this question.    

The answer of this question should be given in points like given in below.

  • I am quite smart ,
  • I am intelligent ,
  • I am very positive ,
  • I am very optimistic ,
  • I am quite easy to living in any atmosphere ,
  • I am sweet also but it depends upon some situations

The forth question is What is your salary expectations ? So ready to start read the answer of this question.    

Sir/Ma,am – whats you offer me , sir it will be a great that i will be work with your organization and i will be quite lucky , but i think your organization must be offering a fair amount to someone like me . who is matching all the skills and qualification for the position . Before this answer i will like to know my responsibilities regarding this job and definitely  i am going curious about your budge or what is your amount that you offer for this position . Then only i will go ahead.

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