Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery: Hanging Temple or Hanging Monastery or Xuncong Temple is a temple built on the rocks near Mount Heng in Hanun of Datong city of Shanxi province of China.

The nearest town is Datong, which is located at a distance of 64.23 kilometers north-west. Hanging Temple is also one of the historical places of Datong city along with Yunggang Groves.

This temple has been constructed 1500 years ago, this temple is not only known for its location but also for the combination of three Chinese traditional religions: Buddha, Tao and Confucianism.

The structure of the temple has been fitted in the oak crossbones. The main assistant structure of the temple is hidden within the base pillar.

Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

This monastery is built in the small canyon basin and the body of the building is hanged in the middle of the rock under the major summit.

In December 2010, it was listed in the “Time” magazine because it was the world’s top ten most dangerous hazardous buildings.

 Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

According to the legends, the construction of the temple started at the end of the Northern Wei Empire, by the people and sages of Liao Ran. After this, the temple was reconstructed from time to time for the next 1400 years.

The temple was constructed by drilling holes into the cliffside into which the poles that hold up the temples are set.

Interestingly the temple is dedicated to not just one religion, but three, with Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism all practiced within the temple and represented in 78 statues and carvings throughout the temple.

Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery

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The Hanging Temple is another historical site among the main attractions of Datong city. It was constructed almost 1500 years ago and this temple is famous not only for its own place but also for its religious importance.

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