Do not give Technology a chance to replace human relationship & Jobs

Do not give Technology a chance to replace human relationship & Jobs

Is Technology replacing human jobs? It is good and proudful that Technology is playing an important role to empower humans by helping in different fields of works. And it is also appreciable that humans are continuously developing and growing technology. Technology helps us in communicating, working, planing, playing,  and in many more things. The overall conclusion is that humans are enjoying technology in their life.

But this enjoyment is becoming so much enjoyable that humans are distracting themselves from their families and societies. Today, Humans are so much involved in technology that they do not have time to spend with their families and friends too. Even this condition is arriving, that day by day that human is becoming habitual of technology and technology-related gadgets. Like, human uses Cctv cameras to watch their children and old parents are good or not in their rooms instead of meeting them physically, they chat with their children instead of talking to them physically and spend some beautiful time. And many more events of daily life are handled with different technology gadgets.

All these points are indicating that humans are replacing their real life with tech-friendly life. Which is actually affecting the human relationships.


I think all respected readers of this post will understand this real-life problem. And try to manage a little time to talk and meet physically with their families and friends.