New Year Resolution and goals
New Year Resolution and goals : Friends, First of all, all of you are happy for the new year, happy new year, 2017 is to end and we are all going to enter new year 2018. Time runs continuously, it does not stop for anyone. I know that all of you have created all the plans – New Year Resolution, to improve something new in the coming year and to improve itself. In the new
Benefits of Books reading
Benefits of Books reading: In today’s world we can not escape the truth. If you want to become an influential leader today, you will have to learn the benefits – reading benefits and developing your own intellect. The easiest reason for not reading people is to tell the absence of time. But if you look at it a bit, then you will know how much time you are consuming in doing those things. Which does not
History of Mohenjo-daro
History of Mohenjo-daro:  Mohan Jodro is a very famous place that comes to Sindh province of Pakistan. At this place some remains of the Indus culture have been found. Mohan Jodro is one of the oldest cities in the world. Mohan Jodado’s name is included in the largest cities of the Indus culture. The Indus culture is also recognized by the Harappa culture name. Mohan Joddo, Lothal, Kalibangan, Dholavira and Ashigadhi come in the main cities
Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery
Hanging Temple Buddhist Monastery: Hanging Temple or Hanging Monastery or Xuncong Temple is a temple built on the rocks near Mount Heng in Hanun of Datong city of Shanxi province of China. The nearest town is Datong, which is located at a distance of 64.23 kilometers north-west. Hanging Temple is also one of the historical places of Datong city along with Yunggang Groves. This temple has been constructed 1500 years ago, this temple is not only
Biography Of Pranab Mukherjee
Biography Of Pranab Mukherjee: Pranab Mukherjee is the 13th President of the country who took over from July 2012. Before this, he has been active in politics for six decades and is considered as the Congress’s troubleshooter. Eighty-year-old Mukherjee is a person with unique experience in governance with rare specialty of foreign minister, defense minister, commerce minister and finance minister at different times. He was elected 5 times for the Rajya Sabha from 1969 and was